About Sportswear Inc.

The Modern Education

The traditional way to learn is by going to school for a few years, earn your diploma, and then start working. But you will probably still lack enough industry experience. So we created a modern way of learning. Of course online, so you can access and absorb whenever and wherever it suits you. Sportswear Inc. is a fast-track education sharing the experience, knowledge and resources we wished we had, when first starting out.

Sportswear Inc. is an educational online platform helping you start and run a sportswear brand. We have a passion for technical apparel and brand building. We share our experience and knowledge with you about apparel design & product development, branding, entrepreneurship, sourcing, merchandising, product sustainability implementation, concept and sales presentation.

The Founders

Sportswear Inc. is founded by Ana & Klas Kristiansson. Ana is a former national athlete with education from cutting and tailoring school, art school, and Parson School of Design in Paris and New York. Now she has over 15 years of experience from working in the outdoor industry. She has designed and product developed award winning technical products for international brands like Haglöfs, Salomon, Peak Performance, Helly Hansen, Lundhags and many more. She has also launched and run two own brands.

Klas is an IT engineer with over 15 years experience in project management, business development, tech, e-commerce,  and running start-ups in an international environment. His background includes working as senior project manager for Europe’s largest work wear company, as well as starting up two clothing brands.

Sportswear Inc. Ana Klas Kristiansson

Ana & Klas Kristiansson

Time To Give Back

Ana & Klas have built the free lifestyle they have dreamt of for years, and they know the feeling of being in full control of your time and your businesses. They are now combining their experiences to help new sportswear business achieve their goals. Together with a team of highly skilled professionals they have created Sportswear Inc. to help you achieve your dreams, live the life you want and spend it doing what you love, just like they do.

Sportswear Inc. works with entrepreneurs & apparel brands around the globe from idea to market launch. Our services include free knowledge base access, one-on-one coaching, and a membership program accelerator.