I’m here to help you!

As with marketing, customer care should be present at all times. You are making a great product to meet a specific customer need. This is why you are in business, if you’re in it for the right reasons. So you better pay attention to your customers before, during, and after they purchase from you.

No matter what type of business setup you have, if you have retailers, or distributors, or your own e-commerce shop, the base is the respect, you make a product for another person, and you want them to be as happy as possible with the whole experience. Also think about it from your own perspective, how would you like to be treated if something happened with a product? If you have questions, how would you like to be met and spoken to? A robot, someone in India that barely speaks your language, or someone that is there to help you and solve your problem in the kindest way possible?

If you have made a great product you could have a long warranty time. The customers will feel secure about the good quality and feel safe that if anything happens to theirs purchase they will be able to get proper help. Regarding returns, make sure you have a smooth and non complicated return policy. It should be very clear and easy for the customer to understand it. Don’t tuck it away in minuscule text on the website.


Turn complaints around

If your customers have any complaints, it would be your goal to try and turn them around, into happy customers. There is nothing worse then a customer care that won’t listen to you and that won’t want to help you. You will never ever want to buy anything from that company again.

In the early days of Sinaia, we had a customer call us up. He explained that the fabric had gotten really beaten up in the area where we had velcro. Of course, this was not good. We gave him 2 choices. To return the garment and get the money back, or get instructions on how to fix the problem and how to minimize it in the future. Unfortunately that specific garment was sold out, he couldn’t get a new one, so he chose the second option. We also made sure he got 10% of the purchase back and without him knowing, we send him a Sinaia T-shirt as a Thank You For Your Understanding & Sorry gesture. He wrote back after he received the T-shirt and he told us that it was the best customer care experience he’s ever had. That made our day!

If the starting point is to make a really good product, you wont have so many returns. But problems will occur, they always do, it’s just up to you how you want to deal with them. Be honest and tell it as it is, if you have a major problem, admit it and say your top priority is to fix it right now. Let people know what your plan is. And the worst, absolutely the worst is, when a company says they will get back to you and you never hear from them again. You don’t want to be that company.

The feedback you receive from your customers is vital information for your business to thrive, so remember to treat it that way.