Exciting idea, burning interest and customer need

Starting a sportswear brand requires a lot of hard work, but it will be the best ride you’ve ever had. It’s vital to have a burning interest for what you do, to be able to cope all the way. You will need to keep that strong gut feeling you have about your idea alive, so don’t get pulled down by friends and family members that will try and talk you out of it.

That exciting idea usually starts with: Why doesn’t this exist? I wish I had this type of garment. I need to have … Try to solve common problems and figure out the customer need. Without a need, no one will buy your product. Either you do a certain sport/activity and you can’t find the product you want with specific features or look, or you just want something that is YOU.

The clothing business is very crowded and you could argue that everything you would wish for is already on the market. Fortunately, clothing is a human necessity and there will always be a need for it. If you feel your brand/product is needed, GO FOR IT!

Pick a pen and a piece of paper and start writing down words that you relate to your idea. Print out inspiration pictures and pic magazine tear outs and put them on the wall so you can clearly see a connection between your choices. Get out and travel so you can really sense that feeling you want to have in your brand. Collect as much information about your future brand/product that you can, the clearer the better. Also try and narrow down all the information, the simpler the better, if you can find ONE picture that says it all about your brand (the feeling, the customer and the type of product), BRAVO! Keep it simple!

So, to sum up this post – TRUST YOUR INSTINCT! Get it out of your head and put it IN FRONT of you so you can see it clearly and simplify.