Market Scan

You are excited about your idea and you have somewhat figured out what you would like to do. The products you’re thinking about are styles you would wish to wear, but will someone else want your stuff too? Is there a need for you clothing? Is there a gap in the market?

Go downtown and have a look in the shops. See what’s there and also try and see what isn’t. Scan the internet for similar brands, cause there will be similar brands. If there aren’t, then you should  ask yourself WHY aren’t there any?

Most important here is that you will differentiate yourself from what already exists. You don’t want to be a “me too” brand, it will never survive the market. Find your niche, so you can articulate clearly why YOUR brand is different and what the customers will get from you where they can’t find anywhere else. Be the purple cow, the wow maker.

If someone is already doing what you intend to do, bummer, you will always be nr 2. A steep uphill and risking to just be the copy cat.

Also look at price ranges and what you get for the money. What price range do you want your products to be in? This information will be important when you decide your designs, materials and making of your styles. More on this topic later.

Have your ideal customer in mind and look out shops you want your brand to be in. What other brands are in there? Where your ideal customer is, that’s where you and your brand/product should be too.