The Tech Pack

A builder would never builds a house without a blueprint, it is exactly the same thing for a garment. The manufacturers need to know what you have in mind, what the garment looks like front and back incl details, what materials you have in mind, what trims you want on your garment, and what type of fit it should have.

This is the most important document in your product development process, and needed in all areas of bringing your brand to the market. The patterns are made based on the tech pack, the sourcing is done depending on what materials and trims you want and the price calculation is based on the sketch of your garment. The sketches can later be used in your line sheet and workbook.

A tech packs is required for all styles in your collection. One garment = one tech pack

When the manufacturers have your tech pack they will product develop without having to talk to you and ask you about details every time they are wondering something. All the information will be there visible for them to do their job. Depending on where you have your production/factory, most of the times the people on the factory floor don’t speak english and the sketches need to be correct and very clear. Think about a tech pack like this: From the moment you hand over the tech pack, it should be clear enough that you don’t have to explain or instruct anything else. All the information needed for that specific garment should be clear and visible on the tech pack. The efficiency and productivity will be higher and you will have less misinterpretations along the way.

The more details you put in the tech pack the better information you give the manufacturer. This limits the amount of errors in your products and in the end this will save you money and time.

How to make a great tech pack


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