Marketing should be embedded in the whole company, in everybody that works there, in everything they do. Answering emails and answering the phone is marketing, sending packages away is marketing, talking to a customer in the shop is marketing, the pictures on the website are marketing, EVERYTHING a company does is marketing.

What should be “labeled” as marketing is the communication. And the communication should be honest and straight forward, no bullshit and no excuses. Just tell it as it is! The customer will believe in what you say and in what you eventually will sell to them. In today’s world with the interwebs, customers find out things you sometimes didn’t even want them to know about. So you better have a clean business. Let them hear your true voice, from the heart, your in and outs, your ups and down, your successes and your failures and your struggles. You are human, and your customers are human. They will want the real thing, not the strained, artificial version. You will not have to “come up” with stories to tell, everything you do is a story by itself, no one has ever done what you have done before. Your eyes and the values you live by are your own, bring those in your brand and show them to your customers. This will give you more true longterm customers then anything else – sharing your honesty.

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Medium, Reddit etc etc are all free to use and you don’t have any restrictions. The only restriction here is you. Bring out your creativity and start sharing the story of your brand with the world. Let them know about what’s great with the product, the process, the materials, and the birth of your idea. Anything that you want to share will be interesting to someone. Take pictures of your drawings, materials, moodboard, interview people, interview yourself, make small movies about your product, or just about the products being, whatever, that enhances your brands story telling and it’s fantastic for your customers.

Since you already know who your intended customer is, it’s easier to market towards them. Post things on the sites where your intended customer hangs out. Try to speak directly to your end consumer.
Since the internet is soo flooded with information, of course you want what you publish to get noticed by your audience, so make sure your ideas stick out somehow and are original.


Let the world know

When starting out your business you asked yourself the difficult question; what is different with your brand? What is sticking out? Your story should be about why you and your products are unique. Let the world know why your products are so great and what is different with them compared to the competition. Make the story easy to understand and stick to it. Communicate it as soon as you get the chance. You never know who your next customers or messengers are. They will help spreading the word.