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Podcast: Outerknown + Smashing The Formula

In this podcast episode, you can listen to an interview with Shelly Gottschamer, the head of sustainability and supply chain at Outerknown. Outerknown is a sustainable menswear brand co-founded by 11-time world champion surfer Kelly Slater and designer John Moore. They believe in building products by making every decision with the highest regard for the environment and the people they work with.

Listen to the podcast here.

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Over 500 Garment Manufacturers

One of the biggest challenges as an apparel entrepreneur is to find a suitable manufacturer, that meets all your requirements, shares your values, and that can and wants to work with you. Finding a manufacturer and building a great relationship takes work and time, but it’s just part of the process.

The Member Zone has a database with over 500 apparel manufacturers worldwide that you can search and contact. 100 new factories were added to the list this week. We have received many questions about US manufacturers, and there are now around 70 factories located in the USA that you can find.

Not a member yet? Try 5 days for only $5

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You Can’t Fake It

From the moment you start, the brand is everything
and it better live inside you. The very first thing is whatever
you’re going to sell, you better be in love with your own brand
and your own product.

– Evan Toporek, CEO Alternative Apparel

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How Do Brands Become Iconic?

Brands must nurture what makes them iconic instead of what makes them appear new and shiny, according to Soon Yu, author of Iconic AdvantageYu formerly served as the global vice president of innovation at VF Corporation, parent company of brands such as Timberland and The North Face. Brand marketers understand people love iconic brands and they want to stay in love with iconic brands, but some brands believe that all people want is newness.

Read the full article.

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After Interviewing More Than 300 Successful People About Their Morning Routines — Here Are The 4 Common Themes

Building mindfulness into your morning routine is a crucial piece of the puzzle of having a better day. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the time or mental space (yet) for a yoga class or a full-on meditation practice, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t simple ways to build small pockets of mindfulness into your morning routine. To help get you started, here are four common themes that emerged through talking to more than 300 highly successful people about how they greet each day.

Read the full article here.

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