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5 Surprising Findings About How People Actually Buy Clothes and Shoes

To get a clearer, more complete picture of how people buy clothes and shoes, a study looked at actual decisions made by 1,500 apparel and footwear shoppers in the United States. Asking them about everything from their initial motivation to shop, to the shopping journey itself, to how they felt after making their purchases.

The results showed that retailers need to look beyond the buzz surrounding retail and instead focus on specific aspects of consumer behavior if they hope to improve their businesses and drive growth. According to our research, many assumptions about the ongoing revolution in retail are, in fact, myths.

Read these five surprising findings.

Quality Control

Quality is the degree of excellence in products or services. It is important to remember that quality is relative, and what one person believes is good quality, may appear as poor quality to someone else. The aim is for the customer to be satisfied, either it is you or your end consumer. Quality is important in any aspect of your business. Customers expect value for money.

Read more about apparel quality control.

Fitness & Activewear: How To Avoid Sinking In A Saturated Market

The fitness and activewear market continues to boom. However, dangers of saturation are only becoming more imminent. WGSN identifies three strategies that retailers need to be reacting to in the next six months in order to capitalize in this fiercely competitive industry.

Read the full article at WGSN.

How 2 Guys With No Fashion Experience Built a Billion-Dollar Clothing Company for Millennial Women

In January we featured a video interview with Michael Mente, the co-founder of the Los Angeles brand Revolve. They continue to amaze and here you can read about their analytical approach to fashion, and how it has put them on track to pull in more than $1 billion in sales in 2018.

Read the article at Inc.

17 Ideas To Improve Your Creative Work From The Book “Perennial Seller”

A must-read if you make or market creative work.

Perennial Seller is a must-read if you make or market creative work. Read about 17 ideas from the book (with quoted excerpts) which can be valuable to you.

Read the article here.

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