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Mindset Goal – Focus

The goals for 2018 are already set, January is almost over, with time running so fast and the weeks passing by, it’s time to get going and deliver to reach your goals and target.

We want to highlight a word for this post – Focus!

On my To-Do list today I wrote down ONE business goal I want to make happen. Do I have more than one thing to accomplish today? Eeee, heck yeah!

I know I have to prioritise in order to cope with all the distractions. Emails, phone calls, social media, webinars, new ideas, new opportunities etc etc…

I need to focus on the most important task. This needs to be done and checked off the list, before I do anything else. I learned about this mindset form the book The One Thing. Read more about it and get it at Amazon.

Think about what your business would be like a year from now if you accomplished ONE big goal every week. One of the things we see with our most successful clients is that they are laser focused on their goals.

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The Garment Price

What is CMT, FOB and COGS? We explain those abbreviations as well as taking a closer look at the garment price, profit and why you need a costing sheet in our latest article.

Read the full article.


'The True Cost' - Official Trailer

The True Cost

The True Cost is a groundbreaking documentary film that pulls back the curtain on the untold story and asks us to consider, who really pays the price for our clothing? This is an educational movie, an eye-opener for all apparel entrepreneurs who haven’t yet visited suppliers around the globe and seen all sides of the industry.  A must see – now you are a part of this system too. There are learnings from it so you can make better choices in your business.  It’s available on Netflix in certain countries.

Watch the trailer on Youtube.

Listening clearly

“It’s entirely possible that people aren’t listening closely to you any more.

There’s so much noise, so much clutter… hoping that customers, prospects, vendors and co-workers will stop what they’re doing and listen closely and carefully enough to figure out what you mean is a recipe for frustration.

Perhaps there’s an alternative. Maybe, instead of insisting that people listen more closely, you could speak more clearly.

That’s what great design and great copy do. They speak clearly so that people don’t have to listen so hard.”

-Seth Godin


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