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Design Brief, Glossary & Arc’teryx visit.


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How To Brief A Designer

If you are not the one designing your collection, you need to find someone that’s going to translate your thoughts and ideas into actual products. This means, whomever this person is, he/she needs a clear and detailed explanation to take that idea and put it into a tangible concept, collection, and products. The best way is to give your designer a brief.

Read these 10 points before briefing a designer.

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Apparel Glossary

Understanding the glossary and terms used in the apparel business will be an important part of your day to day business. Understanding these words, phrases, and abbreviations will help you communicate with suppliers, materials and the rest of the teams involved in and around your brand.​

Take a look at the 130-word apparel glossary here.

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1,5 years in, we constantly ”meet” incredible, talented entrepreneurs with fantastic ideas and goals.  One of the reasons we started A.E. was to offer a place where people from all over the world, no matter gender, background, financial status, or age could come and get inspired, motivated and educate themselves on their own terms. So thanks guys for wanting to be part of this community, we appreciate you and we couldn’t have done this without you!​

– Klas, co-founder Apparel Entrepreneurship

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HQ Visit: Arc’Teryx

Arc’teryx has been, and remains, the upper echelon of outdoor gear and apparel. They started with a simple concept: to make climbing harnesses stronger and more streamlined. Since then, the brand has been making all kinds of tech-forward, durable and understated climbing gear. Now you can have a sneak peek at their Vancouver office.

Read about Cool Hunting’s visit to Arc’teryx.

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