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Watch the introduction to starting & running a sustainable apparel brand.

Webinar: How To Start A Sustainable Apparel Brand

In April, Ana held a presentation about starting and running a sustainable apparel brand. This presentation is a MUST watch if you are interested in sustainability for your brand. It gives an overview as well as direct examples of how to approach sustainability and steps to take in order to be environmentally friendly.

Watch the introduction and listen to the live recording from Munich here.

Watch the full presentation in the Member Zone.

New Templates For Apparel Entrepreneurs

We have recently added some new important templates to use when running your brand.

Product Range Plan
A product range plan is a detailed written overview of your entire collection. It helps you keep track of product parameters such as style numbers and names, number of styles, colors, variations, and features. It also includes financial information and sales forecasting.

Bill Of Materials
A Bill Of Materials or BOM,  is a comprehensive list of components required to make your product, as well as instructions required for gathering and using the required materials. You use a BOM for communication between you and manufacturing partners.

Terms Of Agreement
Terms Of Agreement is a contract between you and the supplier or manufacturer that clearly states what both of you should deliver and what the expectations are.

These templates and many more are downloadable in the Member Zone.

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Watch key take-aways from running a Kickstarter campaign.

Key Take-Aways From Running A Kickstarter Campaign

At ISPO Munich we met up with Rohan Shah, the founder and CEO of True Revo. Rohan has run a couple of successful Kickstarter campaigns and gave us first hand insights of what to think about when running a campaign.

Take a look at the video here.

You can find the full interview in the Apparel Entrepreneurship Member Zone.

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