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The Number 1 Online Platform For Apparel entrepreneurs

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Member Zone is the number one online platform for apparel entrepreneurs, where you’ll learn how to create, grow and succeed with your clothing brand.

The member zone can help you:

  • Get to market quicker and grow your business faster.
  • Make your apparel brand get noticed and find customers.
  • Avoid costly production mistakes.
  • …& much more

This is what some of our members have to say:

 The Member Zone was like getting a structured handbook – it’s extremely useful! Access to many years of industry expert knowledge, giving me a strong basis and opening my eyes to directions, trends and necessities I haven’t even though of before……and whenever I’m stuck or in doubt, I can always count on the community to help me out.

I can’t express how grateful I am to Ana and Klas for starting this! Thank you! 

– Edit, Hungary

What you have created with your business and website is long overdue in this industry.

Your experience and the content you create out of it is of very high value, not only for new starters but also for those that already deal within a running system, to better understand the full picture.

– Simone, Germany

” Apparel Entrepreneurship’s focused pool of information, contacts, and templates is a service that I couldn’t get anywhere else.
I am coming from another industry and for me, AE is both a crash course and a support system to make my development process both faster and more accurate.
I’m also looking forward to seeing how the community grows and I expect that to be another source of valuable information and support as I’m preparing to launch and then grow my brand.

– Joonas, Finland

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Ethics and values: On selling to Gen Z

A new survey from NPD group shows that every business’s favorite target generation – Gen Z – is particularly sensitive to the stances that the companies they patronized take on social and environmental issues. That means they really expect the outlook of the companies from which they buy to mesh with their own views.

Read the full article.

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Here’s How To Become Courageous And Stop Following The Pack

This article is a deep dive into the science of courage, emotional flexibility, and creativity. If you want to create your own “rules” and have the inner freedom to live life on your own terms, you’ll dig this.

Read the full blog post.

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Podcast: THOUGHT LEADERSHIP – Linda Greer Believes In Radical Transparency!

Linda Greer, Senior Scientist at the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) shares her experiences working to improve the apparel sector, her initial ideas for creating a climate roadmap for apparel and her conviction that transparency, as it is practiced today, is not effective enough.

Listen to the podcast here.

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