Newsletter 1 2019

Time, money & mistakes

10 years ago we started our first apparel brand. Even though we had experience from working in the apparel industry, it was a challenge getting a good grip of starting up a business. Just the administration around registering the business, arranging bank account, creating a business plan, making a budget, and getting the finances in order were all new tasks to us.
Then the big question: how do we do this?
We had to find factories and suppliers that suited our needs. How should we go about this? How much can the garments cost to produce? How do we work with minimum quantities? How can we make sure our finances will cover the launch? How can we protect our designs and feel safe when communicating with other parties? The questions were many, the challenges plenty, and mistakes not so few.

About the mistakes…
In 2010, we were ISPO Brand New Awards finalists, and we were really excited about our brand taking off. We received signed orders from countries all over the world. We placed the majority of the production with this great factory that we had found. The summer past and we were eagerly waiting for our bulk production. But suddenly the factory stopped communicating with us. After chasing them down, it turned out they decided to drop our entire production in favor of a larger brand that placed much larger orders with them. There we were without clothes to deliver. We had to call all our customers and tell them we couldn’t fulfill their orders. Back to square one.

Another time, we found out after 6 months, that a factory couldn’t deliver what they initially had promised. 6 months lost. Another factory, in yet another country, tried to charge us for services we hadn’t asked for. One time, we had a full bulk missing a front zipper on all garments.

There are so many pieces and moving parts when running an apparel brand. It isn’t always easy. You have to be open to problem-solving since new issues are arriving all the time.

The good thing is that many of these issues turn out to be the same for most businesses. Being prepared, and working in a structured manner, can help you prevent and mitigate most challenges.

This is how Apparel Entrepreneurship started. Based on our background, friends and friend’s friends started to ask us how they could start their own apparel brands.  We have together started two brands and worked in the industry for years. Ana studied at cutting and tailoring school, art school, and Parsons School of Design in Paris and New York. She has over 15 years of experience from working in the apparel industry. She has designed and product developed award-winning technical products for international brands like Haglöfs, Salomon, Peak Performance, Helly Hansen, Lundhags and many more. Klas is an IT engineer with a Master of Science degree from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and ENST in Paris. With over 15 years experience in project management, business development, tech, e-commerce, and running start-ups in an international environment. His background includes working as a senior project manager for Europe’s largest workwear company.

This background, together with the fantastic experience of working with new apparel brands around the globe through Apparel Entrepreneurship, and larger existing brands through our design agency, we have now put into our book:

Apparel Entrepreneurship: How to Start & Run a Successful Apparel Brand.

It is an indispensable manual, an inspirational and educational book that will guide you in the achievement of starting and running a successful apparel brand.

This book provides you with hands-on tools, business education, and actionable steps to achieve it. It also gives you valuable advice, tips, and tricks that they don’t teach you in school, as well as telling you HOW to implement it in your business.

You will learn the full process from idea to market launch and beyond, get extensive content that will make you take full ownership and grip of your business and entrepreneurship.

It is now available as Paperback & Kindle on Amazon. Get it on Amazon here.

You can also get it as an e-book on our website. Get it from our website.

This is the book we wish we had when first starting out. Hope you find it helpful for your business and that it helps your brand become more successful quicker.

Get it on Amazon here.

All the best for 2019!

Ana & Klas
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