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6 Benefits Of Working With Apparel Entrepreneurship Before Launching Your Clothing Brand

Have you always dreamed of launching your own clothing brand, but you have no idea how to start? 


Launching a clothing brand is a very complex process. It can take quite some time and cost you a lot of money, if you don’t know what you are doing. 


You might have watched a couple of Youtube clips or googled a bit, and you think you’ve got this, but the reality is that there are a lot of pitfalls in launching an apparel brand. 


Another scenario is that you’ve realized how complex it is, and you got overwhelmed. You might have thought: ugh, that’s a bit too much! So you gave up even before you actually started. 


We see these two scenarios a lot, and actually, it doesn’t have to be your reality. The only reason we exist is to make sure you learn the proven step-by-step process, so you don’t have to lose time nor massive money-making mistakes. We really don’t want you to be the 80% of the fashion startups that fail in the 0-3 years from launch. We’ve got your back if you let us! 


Here are 6 benefits to why you should consider joining the 6-week accelerator program, join Apparel Entrepreneurship Membership Program, or work with us one-on-one to get advice and support while launching your dream brand.

  1. Follow a proven framework, a clear 6-step process. You will know exactly what to do in each phase of your business, from idea to launch. This blueprint has helped hundreds of apparel brand founders in over 30 countries.
  1. Save time and money by doing things that work, instead of trying to figure things out on your own.
  1. Accelerated learning curve. By working with us, with 40+ years of industry expertise, you will tap right into that knowledge. You will get the ins and outs of the industry. Alongside AE we also run a technical apparel design agency, working with midsize industry-leading brands, meaning we know this stuff; we don’t only teach it.
  1. Get access to industry resources from the start. Use downloadable templates, checklists, and cheat sheets to save time, to work efficiently, effectively, and to make massive progress. Use the product and collection calculators to set the right pricing from the start and access over 500+ manufacturers and 300+ supplier database to get your product development going.
  1. Get accountability. When you are a solopreneur, and especially when you work on launching your own clothing brand, there are many moving parts to keep track of. There are a lot of things that need to get done. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and to work on the wrong things potentially. By working with us, you will have accountability partners to make sure you work on what matters and what moves the needle in your business to keep your deadlines and get results. 
  1. Get all your questions answered. During the accelerator program, we have weekly calls to help you progress with your brand, and inside the membership program, you have us answer your questions plus the community of other entrepreneurs. 


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Here’s what one of our members has to say about the Membership Program:

“When joining the AE Membership Program, I finally started thinking like the CEO of my company instead of being an artist lost in the business world. I have major improvements with the overall business organization, and Ana & Klas gave me tools and knowledge to be more confident in managing everything better. 

I highly recommend the membership because you don’t have to tap in the dark alone, you have people with knowledge and experience to guide you, and tons of help from the resources and tools to manage business easier and better. Ana & Klas really think about you and your progress. You already get the great stuff from the membership itself, but the fact that they really care about how you are doing, it amazes me. 

It has motivated me to create the brand that I want and the leader I want to be:)” 

– Olya Sookie


Here’s what one of our accelerator alumni has to say about the 6week sustainable clothing brand launch accelerator program:

“Since joining the AE membership Program, I have been able to find manufacturers, use the calculators to help me understand my pricing and budget, and utilized the social media content plan for my IG page. 

I really enjoy how the 6 step success framework allows me to become more organized when planning my brand and reassures me I’m completing everything that will make my business a success.

Ana & Klas also answer any questions that I had quickly, and the weekly live video calls clarified anything I needed help with that week. It’s definitely worth it!” 

– Ciara Robinson


This Course will guide you through our proven 6-step success blueprint, on how to go from just an idea, to learning exactly what it takes to launch your own profitable sustainable apparel brand. 


Tools, Resources, Mentorship & Community to grow a profitable apparel business.


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