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Sustainability Certification Guide & More

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Sustainability Certification Guide

There are many certifications and standards out there helping us consider the environment and ethical work environments. Read up on the 30 certifications and organizations in this guide and determine which are important to you and your brand. Also, ask your customers to keep their eyes open for these certifications as a way to guide them to better product choices.

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Saul Colt presents Forget Influencers, Be Inspirational

Build A Great Marketing Campaign

In this presentation, Saul Colt explains the real secret behind building a great marketing campaign. He makes an argument how it is not about reaching out to influencers but creating great experiences for your customers, treating them well and letting them drive your sales via word of mouth.

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1. Celebrate small things.
2. Celebrate big things.
3. Don’t compare.
4. Make time for exercise.
5. Eat well.
6. Look for the good.
7. Stop being so hard on yourself.
8. Have some rest. And don’t feel guilty about it.
9. Give yourself a pat on the back.
10. Bed early.

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Sam Altman – How to Succeed with a Startup

How To Succeed With A Startup

In this presentation, Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator, shares his thoughts on how you can succeed with a startup.

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Why Curiosity Matters

New research shows that curiosity is vital to an organization’s performance, as are the particular ways in which people are curious and the experiences they are exposed to. This package examines how leader can nurture curiosity through their organizations and ensure that it translates to success.

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Tools, Resources, Mentorship & Community to grow a profitable apparel business.


This Course will guide you through our proven 6-step success blueprint, on how to go from just an idea, to learning exactly what it takes to launch your own profitable sustainable apparel brand.


In this class, we share everything you need to know to get super clear on how to write your own business plan.

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