Newsletter 17


Millennials Say They Care About Sustainability. So, Why Don’t They Shop This Way?

The gap between millennials’ stated interest in sustainability and their actual purchasing patterns is not due to lack of conviction but product availability and lack of clear marketing, argues Luna Atamian Hahn-Petersen.

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Astro Teller, CEO of X – How to Think 10x Bigger

Listen to to Dr. Astro Teller in this, roughly 10-minute, Tim Ferris episode. It explains how to 10x your thinking and your goals, or — put another way — how to escape incremental thinking and think truly BIG.

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Inspiration & Book Tip

Brand experiences now stretch far beyond the end product; the dialogue between a shop and its consumers is becoming increasingly important. Companies are tapping the talents of top designers and using them in sophisticated flagship stores or unexpected temporary venues. Shoplifter! showcases the most outstanding concepts across a number of industries, introducing the most innovative brands with rich, in-depth case studies.

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Be spectacular for a few, don’t be average for many.

– Sarah Robb O’Hagan