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Why Standing Out Is Essential To Your Brand & How To Do It

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Differentiate Your Brand From The Competition

The market is crowded out there and it’s vital that you differentiate your brand and stick out. Too many waste their energy checking out their competition. This can be a good thing in moderation, mostly to see what you should NOT do. When a company does their thing and you end up copying their selection, product, marketing strategy whatever, you will ALWAYS end up as number 2. Read these 16 steps on how to differentiate your brand.

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How Can You Tell When A Fashion Brand Is Greenwashing?

Sustainability has been a trendy topic for a while. Some companies have taken this seriously and changed things for the better, and some just say they have in order to gain PR and sell more products. By marketing sustainability, companies tap into the conscious consumers. But to falsely market sustainability is called greenwashing. Greenwashing causes long-term damage to a label’s reputation. If the brand eventually is doing something good and changes things for the better, unfortunately, no one is going to believe them.

Read how you can tell when a brand is greenwashing here.

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Differentiate with value or die with price.

– Jeffrey Gitomer

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Why Standing Out Is Essential to the Survival of any Creator, Brand, or Business

The survival of any creator, brand, or business depends on their ability to stand out in a sea of noise. Anything that doesn’t stand out will eventually become irrelevant, commoditized and ignored. There will always be a faster, better, or cheaper option for everything.

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