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How To Succeed With A Kickstarter Campaign

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How To Run A Kickstarter Campaign

We met up with Rohan Shah, the founder and CEO of True Revo. Rohan has run a couple of successful Kickstarter campaigns and gave us first-hand insights into what to think about when running a campaign.

If you are thinking about running a Kickstarter campaign, you should definitely read about the key takeaways and take a look at the full interview here to learn some valuable lessons from someone who has done this before.

Read the full post and watch the interview here.

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NASCH Sportswear Running A Sustainable Sports Jackets Campaign

The Austrian brand NASCH Sportswear is currently running a campaign for their sustainable sports jackets on Kickstarter. The product is compatible with three different sports, running, climbing, and cycling, through changes in the cut design.

We asked the founder Nadine Schratzberger why she is running a crowdfunding campaign and how she has prepared for it?

“I decided to finance my first collection on KICKSTARTER through crowdfunding because I think this is a very transparent tool. You can show yourself and your product and communicate directly with your target group.

I started thinking exactly one year ago about what I would like to offer my supporters via crowdfunding / apart from my collection.

Last spring I was given the opportunity to create the concept for my video. Also was able to find a Team who would do it for a low price. ( important!)

Then I started to program a landing page connected to my newsletter account on Mailchimp. – So that I later have enough people to hear about me and my campaign.

Also started to be very active on social media in summer to build my community.

In September I decided to start in November – I then decided to make an event for the start of my campaign – so you can address people right at the beginning and animate them to support your campaign.

To think about press releases beforehand is very good. Since my campaign started, people often write to me if they can get my press kit, that helps a lot if you are already prepared. 

I can only recommend everyone to do KICKSTARTER, because you learn how the target group reacts to your product and how it goes down.”

Take a look at Nasch’s ongoing Kickstarter campaign here (scroll down for the English version).

No one would be happier than Nadine if you supported her campaign or spread the word:) (We are not affiliates, but wish her of course success).

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Norra Raised $49,000 For Their Outdoor Pants on Kickstarter

In October, the Swedish outdoor brand Norra started a Kickstarter campaign featuring their Ljung Outdoor Pants. They passed their campaign goal of $31,000, and when the campaign ended 298 backers pledged $49,000 to help bring the project to life.

We asked the Norra founder, Jacob von Matern, what made their campaign successful, and here are his 4 takeaways:

“1: We made the best possible product we could and we saw that there was a market gap for sustainable, high-quality outdoor products at a lower price than what’s available today.

2: Telling the story just as it happened, being transparent in our process both before and during the campaign.

3: Be as prepared as possible. We started working towards launching the pants on Kickstarter about 10 months before we started the campaign.

4: Getting the message out. Mostly organic through blogging on our webpage, social media and by contacting magazines and blogs and tell our story. When launching the Kickstarter campaign, we also used paid advertising – mostly social and Youtube.  But we also worked on a more classic approach with a more personal connection to the buyers and of course all the support from friends and family.”

Check out the Norra campaign at Kickstarter here.

Visit Norra here.

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