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In this episode, we are talking about something really special, something all brands wish they had, but not many do. We are talking about how to create raving fan customers. We are talking about what it means to have a cult following instead of regular customers and we are giving you some actionable tips on what you can do as a brand, to gain a cult following.

You guys know, we all have our favorite brands that we buy from over and over again. We tell our friends and families about them, their products, we follow them on social and engage with the content they put out, we are up to date with what they are doing and we feel like we are part of their community.

That type of brand for us is called a cult brand and we are it’s raving fans, or its cult following. 

In this episode, we are talking about what it means to be a cult brand and what cult brands do to have raving fans. Hopefully, this helps you understand what you can do for your brand and business to attract loyal customers and to grow your community year after year.

What is a raving fan or a cult follower?

Well, the dictionary defines a cult as being, ‘a person or thing that is popular or fashionable among a particular group or section of society’. Of course, we are not talking about a cult in religious terms here.

So basically a cult follower or a raving fan is a loyal, regular customer that has found his/her tribe and just feels some sort of belonging. 

It is a person that is so totally in love with a brand, what it stands for, and it’s products. This person knows everything about the brand, follows everything the brand puts out and has the same values as the brand. And as soon as he or she gets a chance, they talk about the brand to everybody, in detail, and with extreme passion.

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