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AEP035 – How To Best Work With A Manufacturer

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This is the episode many of you have been waiting for. It’s the first interview ever here on the Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast, and it’s about how to best work with a manufacturer. We are talking to Kevin Van Lancker, founder and CEO of Sportwear of Tomorrow, a manufacturer of sublimated sportswear. They are the first and largest Print on Demand manufacturer in Europe for the cycling and triathlon industry and work with clients worldwide.

Kevin gives us the inside view of what brands need to think about when looking for manufacturing, how to best prepare, and how to create a fruitful relationship with the manufacturer. He also gives you insights into how you can work with an on-demand manufacturer, mistakes to avoid, and how the industry is evolving.

Sportswear of Tomorrow is the most technologically advanced private label, sports- and swimwear manufacturing plant in Europe, and Kevins shares with us how his background in IT has led to the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in their manufacturing process.

Whether you are about to start or you have been running your brand for years, this episode will give you loads of tips of working with a manufacturer, and insights in what possibilities there are when working with a manufacturer at the forefront of technology.

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