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AEP039 – Apparel Entrepreneurship – What’s In It For You?

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“I want to bring my ideas to life, but I’m struggling how to get there.”

“What I am most struggling with at the moment is production planning. When you have all the designs, how to plan different material demands? Since it is hard to find some good fabric in Slovenia, how can I get some samples from other suppliers, without getting to go to their factory? Being a small and new brand, how even get in contact with suppliers and where to find them? What is the minimum quantity of fabric to order? Also regarding the production chain, how to find a good factory, in case of deciding to outsource the making process of garments? What is the minimum quantity demand for pieces produced?”

“I’m lacking knowledge. I know about the design and product development – But now I need to get a bigger understanding of what it takes to actually start a brand on my own and how and what to prioritize to ensure the best results. ”

“Number-one struggle is a solid go-to-market strategy and finance.”

“It annoys me to have a good idea, knowledge, and experience in product development, but no money and no idea how to get along with online store and marketing. The supply of service providers is almost confusing and I do not know where to start without sinking more time and money.”

“My biggest problem is understanding my target market and how to reach them. I feel my products are good but no one buy’s them. Also, I don’t know the first thing about manufacturing and how to get my clothes into stores.”

“The number one struggle I have is mapping out everything, I don’t know what steps are the correct steps to be making in the correct order.”

These are just a couple of examples of emails and messages we get weekly from frustrated and overwhelmed emerging entrepreneurs. 

We know these struggles and worries, because we have been in those shoes. We were you! From starting and running 2 own brands, working with hundreds of brands through Apparel Entrepreneurship, and running a technical design agency for 12 years, we have seen and made many mistakes, and had to figure stuff out. Hopefully, now you can learn from these mistakes instead of making them yourself. 

The struggle is real you guys! So many spend tons of money and time, getting nowhere or making very little progress, pumping in money in a business without a real plan for return on investment, meaning profit.

In this episode, nr 39, we are talking about the solution to the struggles above. Put on your headphones and listen to how we have helped entrepreneurs through Apparel Entrepreneurship.

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