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AEP041 – 5 Steps To Develop A Growth Mindset

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In this episode of the AE Podcast, we share with you 5 steps to develop your mindset.

Mindset – what is that? It’s a set of beliefs, assumptions, and notions that you have about your world. But your beliefs are shaped when you were little. The society and your parents and the culture you were brought up in have shaped who you are and what you believe. 

Depending on what beliefs you have, these can really limit you and eventually your business. Psychology is one of the biggest parts of running and excelling at business. 80% of the actions you take and the output you create depends on your mindset.

– Good news, you can change that! And in this episode we are going to talk about how. 

You know the saying – if you change nothing, nothing will change? Well, it’s the same with your mindset. 

One of the biggest reasons why entrepreneurs succeed or don’t get anywhere depends on this exact thing. Their mindset.

We are covering 5 simple actions for how you can shift your mindset that can result in a successful apparel business.

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