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AEP042 – Protecting Your Fashion Designs From Plagiarism

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Many designers are afraid of this exact thing or they have some bad experiences with issues regarding this problem. In this episode, we are talking about plagiarism and copying. 


How to protect yourself and deal with plagiarism. 


Brands ripping off other designers’  work is not a secret. In recent years it has been easier to out copying brands with all the social media and the blogs and the Insta lives, and stories. For some designers, it is a big issue and we feel we have to talk about it now.


After this episode, you will have more info to help you with your decision along the way. 


We are covering 2 main scenarios: 

  1. Designers are afraid even before they begin. The manufacturers or suppliers are going to copy their design when they send away the tech packs and sketches
  2. Someone has already copied their design and they are angry, bitter and pissed off and don’t know what to do about it.

Put on your headphones or turn on the volume in your car, and get some general tips on how you can protect your brand and designs.

Show notes

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