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AEP051 – Digital Material Sourcing, Innovative Materials & Sustainability

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In today’s podcast episode, we have the honor of interviewing Stefanie Sacherow. She is the Senior Project Manager at the greatest performance fabrics fair there is – Performance Days in Munich, Germany.

Stefanie Sacherow, Performance Days

We had the pleasure of chatting with Stefanie about the fair and their quick adjustment on moving online during these challenging times when people can’t physically be at a fair. We also talked about upcoming innovative materials and sustainability. Stephanie also covered her trip around the world with a few pitstops at some fantastic places in Laos at a textile center where they do organic silk in small quantities that are organically dyed and Indonesia, where she collected ocean trash for recycling together with No-Trash Triangle.

Put on your headphones and listen to this very inspiring conversation.

Show notes

Digital sourcing: Visit Performance Days here.

The textile center in Laos: Ock Pop Tok

No-Trash Triangel Initiative: Visit the website here.


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