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AEP052 – Dealing With Uncertain Times – Your Questions Answered

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In today’s podcast episode, we are answering questions from our community regarding how to run your brand in the current situation. We see new behaviors, people stay inside, they don’t meet in workspaces, kids are at home, people are losing their jobs, online demand increases, and so on.


In this episode, we have gathered all your questions that we have received from you, that are all centered around the Covid-19 situation, and we give you our input to guide you through these times.


Here are some of the questions that we address in this episode of the Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast:

  • I was really close to launching then Covid hit. I still haven’t launched it. Should I still go ahead and launch my brand or should I wait it out? 
  • What are the most important things to do right now for an apparel brand?
  • I run an existing brand, what’s the best thing to do right now to sell my products?
  • I only sell my products to retailers, I have not been able to sell. What tips do you have?


So stay at home, keep your distance, turn up the volume and join us for the 1-year anniversary of the AE Podcast!

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