AEP054 – Apparel Industry Insights & The Future Of Sustainability

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP054 – Apparel Industry Insights & The Future Of Sustainability

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In today’s podcast episode, we have the honor of talking to an apparel industry friend, Charles Ross. Charles is a specialist in performance sportswear design, and an expert in sustainable matters and a lecturer at the Royal College of Art in the UK.

Charles Ross

Charles Ross

Ever since we started the podcast we have wanted to have Charles on the show, so today’s episode is a real treat.

We cover a broad variety of topics from material innovation, to industry opportunities, projections for the future, industry resources, but during the conversation, we always circle back to two main topics – starting an apparel brand and sustainability. During our 1,5 hour long interview, we also touch on circularity in the apparel industry and ideas for how we can combat overconsumption.

Charles mentions resources, books, companies, and organizations and you can find the links to them below.

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