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Launch With Confidence Challenge

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You Can Still Secure Your Spot In the 6-Week Accelerator

Here is what Mia has to say about the 6-week accelerator:


“Before I did this course I had scatter brain. I did not feel prepared and I was not confident to pursue my dream so I stalled and stalled until I could not stall anymore.


It’s incredible to have a step by step plan. I needed someone to walk me through every single step and this course gave me a map on how to get to the end goal.


What made me buy the course was that they both love what they do and that really attracted me to AE. Secondly, what stood out is the process of having a course that walks you through step by step on what is needed to launch a clothing line. Lastly, it was the kindness, the encouragement and the honesty. Also, it being affordable.


It was fantastic to be able to communicate and ask all kinds of questions. I looked forward to tuning into the Live Chats and being able to pick their brains and ask for advice and receive guidance.


What has exceeded my expectation was all the information and knowledge that is given. I was not expecting all of the insight. If felt as though Ana & Klas poured out everything they know. The encouragement and honesty exceeded my expectation. With launching a business it is a scary step and having someone in your corner at all times guiding you through it really helps. Whatever you need to know you can find here.


I was positively surprised at how quickly we moved along. Even though I know it is a 6 week course, I was just not sure on how all of this would fit into a 6 week course, but it did and IT WORKED!


Please do yourself a favor and invest in yourself. If you have always wanted to start your own clothing line then these are the people you need to listen to. They will help you, guide you and give you a dose of reality. Everything you need to push you, so you can go for your dreams. Stop wasting your time. Just do it, as Nike says.


This course is amazing. I have learned so much and I am thankful that Ana & Klas have created it!”