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3-Day Challenge 


Launch with confidence

The challenge starts in

3 day fashion challenge

October 5-7

Daily Live Sessions at

7 am PST (Los Angeles) | 10 am EST (New York) | 4 pm CET (Stockholm) | 10 pm AWST (Perth)

3-Day Launch With Confidence Challenge

Discover how to prepare, get confident, and learn what it takes to launch a profitable clothing brand. 

Join us for a free 3 day challenge where you get a full picture of what it actually takes to run a successful and profitable clothing business. Discover important mindset shifts that need to happen to get fully confident and how to show up everyday to create your dream brand. 

Starting an apparel brand is actually not that hard, if you know what’s required. And as with everything, preparation is key. Like Abraham Lincoln said: Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four to sharpening the axe. 

Understanding what is required from you during this time and doing the groundwork to be fully confident when launching, is crucial for your success. 

We Will Be Covering

Expectations vs the reality of starting a clothing business

Questions to ask yourself (and answer) so you can be fully prepared to launch

Mindset shifts that need to happen to get confident and show up for yourself, your brand and your future customers

Tips on how to show up consistently for your business

Common mistakes you want to avoid

Discover your product opportunity

Here's How It Works

Ana Kristiansson

The Daily Outline

Monday October 5th: The Framework & How To Get Ready

The reality – the apparel industry today, and your opportunity.

Run through a set of specific questions to better prepare yourself, your family and friends for what it will take to get your brand going.

The framework for starting a successful clothing brand.

Tuesday October 6th: Mindset Shifts & How To Show Up

Discover the 6 most essential mindset shifts that need to happen in order for you to successfully create your profitable clothing brand
Learn how to motivate yourself to show up everyday for your business

Wednesday October 7th: Steps Involved & Mistakes To Avoid

Learn the steps involved in launching a profitable apparel brand, from idea to market launch.

Discover the most common mistakes made when launching an apparel brand and how to avoid them.

Who Is This Challenge For?

By The End Of The 3-Day Challenge, You Will Have

From surveying our community we have learned that many have had the idea of launching their own brand for years. Some even since they were teenagers, and never actually done anything about it. They never take that first step. 


If this is you, you only need to do just that – take the first step. And then another one, and then yet another one and soon you can have your own apparel business up and running.


Launching a brand is not that hard. Actually today is the easiest it’s ever been. 


Yes it will take work, and effort and most of all it will take YOU showing up every day, with the right mindset and attitude and doing what is needed.


If you are ready to grab this moment, this is it! 


We can’t wait to see what you create!

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A year from now, you will wish you had started today.

Karen Lamb