60 Minutes that will Fast Track Your Business

Coaching & Business Strategy Sessions are one-on-one (you or a small team), customized sessions focused on your brand, business, and products.

Let’s have Strategy meetings where we work together ON your business figuring out where you are going next and the best way to get there! Take a couple of hours from the normal daily routine, eliminate distraction, focus intensively, identify the exact actions you need to take to move forward, get priceless advice, grow your business to the next level of income, profits, and entrepreneurial lifestyle.

A Coaching Session is for clients who want fast results

✔ Get out of the daily norm for releasing and unleashing possibilities from creating fresh perspectives, new ideas, mindset switch, confidence & clarity.

✔ Receive solutions for your deepest needs.

✔ Receive much information at one time that you will be able to use long after the session.

✔ Get things done fast.

✔ It gets you results a lot faster.

You will know what to do, how to do it, and why. All you need to do afterward is implement.

We are better together. You don’t have to do business alone.

The Strategy Session will be customized to your needs. Typically we focus on one or a couple of the following themes.

✔ Design & collection review

✔ Collection Structure

✔ Find the right materials & manufacturers

✔ Brand distinction

✔ Production planning

✔ Identify target customer

✔ Determine market & competitors

✔ Pricing structure & range planning

✔ Costing & profitability

✔ Tech planning

✔ Sustainability implementation

✔ Marketing & sales strategy

What can we work on during a Strategy Session?


Apparel Entrepreneurship Entrepreneur


As an entrepreneur, no one will be there to make sure you put in the work and stick to your deadlines. Focus on your dream, your vision, and mission of the brand. Don’t let anyone or anything get in your way.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Administration


Business name, domain name, trademark, bank account, bookkeeping, etc. There are a few things to set up when you launch your business, and you need to stay on top of the administration.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Idea Customer Need

Idea & Customer Need

That exciting idea usually starts with: Why doesn’t this exist? I wish I had this type of garment. I need to have … We will solve common problems and figure out the customer need. Without a need, no one will buy your product.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Market Scan

Market Scan

The products you’re thinking about are styles you would wish to wear, but will someone else want your stuff too? Is there a need for you clothing? Is there a gap in the market? We will determine the market gap & need.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Business Plan

Business Plan

Before even starting you brand you need to know where you are going and what your plan is. The process is as important as the outcome because once you’re done, it will be obvious what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Branding


Branding is the process of building a product image based on associations, feelings, lifestyle, and identity that is projected by a label. We can together work on your branding package.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Money


Selling your line will make a profit that you can use to continue working on the next collection. But you will most certainly come to a point where the sales revenue isn’t enough to finance the growth of your company. You will need to look at ways of financing your business and cover the costs until you make enough revenue to pay it back.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Team


There are many roles that need to be filled in your business. As a small apparel brand you can and probably will take on several of them. But ask yourself which roles you actually can fill and which ones you need to outsource. We can assess your team needs.

Product Development

Apparel Entrepreneurship Define The Collection

Define The Collection

What do you want your brand and your products to stand for? What is your point of view, your identity, and how does that differentiate from the other designers? When you have that clear, make sure you implement it in every design you do.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Design

The Design

The styles should fit in with the vision and identity of your brand. You will have to give the customer the connection between the brand image and the product. They need to correspond.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Sourcing


How do you find material and manufacturers? The material need to tell the same story as the concept and the design. They go hand in hand. We have a database with over 600 suppliers & manufacturers to choose from.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Pattern Prototype

Pattern & Prototype

It doesn’t matter how great your design is if the pattern is horribly cut. One thing is to have design lines drawn on a piece of paper, and another is to actually be able to pattern the style. You will have to make a number of prototypes for each style before you can start production.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Pricing


How do you price your products? How much does it cost to make a garment? We take a look at different strategies and examples.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Production


At the end of your product development cycle it is finally time to sew and make all the garments in larger quantities. We will help you with production planning.

Marketing & Sales

Apparel Entrepreneurship Sales


Selling goes hand in hand with marketing. We take a look at the most common ways of selling your product, and help make a plan.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Order


Receive sales order and place production orders. When are the yearly sales periods? We will make a plan together.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Shipping


First you need to transport the garments from the manufacturer to e.g. your office or warehouse and then to your customers.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Marketing


Marketing should be embedded in the whole company, in everybody that works there, and in everything you do. We will make a marketing strategy based on your story.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Customer Care

Customer Care

Pay attention to your customers before, during, and after they purchase from you. Your customers are the best influencers. We will define your service set-up.

Listen To What Jered Has To Say

See What Karen Has To Say

You don’t know what you don’t know….I thought I knew just about all there is to know about the apparel industry as I have read numerous books, contracted with several industry gurus and attended my fair share of trade shows. However, after working with Ana and Klas , I was able to pinpoint some areas that needed my immediate attention which catapulted me closer to my goals.  (A customized road map that helped me outline my path is just with I needed!) They are a perfect combination of internet & digital marketing  savvy and a comprehensive apparel architecture.  Also, Ana’s positive “can do” energy is contagious and a cocktail of motivating adrenaline! I can’t wait to work with this duo again very soon!

Coaching & Business Strategy Sessions

Online. We meet via a video call.


Your investment:
3 sessions à 60 minutes/session – $ 1,447
6 sessions à 60 minutes/session – $ 2,797
12 sessions à 60 minutes/session – $ 4,997


(We offer payment installment plans if needed, for the 6 and 12 months options.)

“Starting my own brand seemed like a too big of a project for me to embark on. I didn’t know where to start, what questions to ask or where to turn.

Ana and Klas from Apparel Entrepreneurship helped me with everything!


Their combined knowledge and experience is impressive.  Even before our first session, they got me ready, focused and organized so our first meeting would be as effective as possible. That set the tone for what was to come, they gave me guidance of where to start, from branding, marketing, hangtags, to neck and size labels, to patterns, fabric, and manufacturer hunting.


They walked with me every step of the way and having them as a guide made the journey feel safer and they do push things forward. You’re never standing still and if I ever had any questions – they’re super quick to answer.


The best part was that they are so passionate and invested in the work that they do. They genuinely care and they want you to succeed.”


– Emine Guler, CEO & Founder of HoldBreaker Ltd

About The Coaches

Ana is a former national athlete with education from cutting and tailoring school, art school, and Parsons School of Design in Paris and New York. She has over 16 years of experience working in the apparel industry. She has designed and product developed award-winning technical products for international brands like Haglöfs, Salomon, Peak Performance, Helly Hansen, Lundhags and many more. She has also launched and run two own brands.

Fashion Coaches

Klas is an IT engineer with a Master of Science degree from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and ENST in Paris. With over 16 years of experience in project management, business development, tech, e-commerce, and running start-ups in an international environment. His background includes working as senior project manager for Europe’s largest workwear company, as well as starting up two clothing brands.

A Final Word

A Coaching Session is suitable whether you are about to start your brand, already launched and need to grow, or you are an established brand and want to take it to the next level.

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