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Apparel Entrepreneurship How to Start & Run a Successful Apparel Brand


This contest is now over

Thanks to everyone participating in the book contest. We received many great answers and most of them were in the right ballpark. The answer to point for is: the paperback contains 70,006 words.

The 3 winners who will receive the Apparel Entrepreneurship E-Book are:




Congratulation guys!

The Contest (now closed)

Last week we launched the Apparel Entrepreneurship Book. It is now available on Amazon as Paperback & Kindle, as well as E-book here on our site.

Thanks for the support and love!

Some of you have asked if we are going to have a contest for the book and we said YES:)


Apparel Entrepreneurship is an indispensable manual, an inspirational and educational book that will guide you in the achievement of starting and running a successful apparel brand. 

This book provides you with hands-on tools, business education, and actionable steps to achieve it. It also gives you valuable advice, tips, and tricks that they don’t teach you in school, as well as telling you HOW to implement it in your business. 

You will learn the full process from idea to market launch and beyond, get extensive content that will make you take full ownership and grip of your business and entrepreneurship. 


Enter the contest and you have the chance to win one of 3 E-Books: Apparel Entrepreneurship: How to Start & Run a Successful Apparel Brand.

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  1. Follow @apparelentrepreneurship on Instagram or apparelentrepreneurship on Facebook.
  2. Like the contest post on Apparel Entrepreneurship’s Instagram or Facebook pages.
  3. Tag 2 friends.
  4. Answer this question: How many words does the Apparel Entrepreneurship Paperback contain? Type your answer in the comments to the contest post on Instagram or Facebook.


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Contest Rules

The contest is open from Monday January 14, 2019 until Wednesday January 16 (3 pm EST), 2019. 3 winners will be nominated by Ana & Klas at Apparel Entrepreneurship. The winners are those who have entered the contest within the given time frame, performed the tasks in points 1,2 & 3, and given the best answer in point 4 above.

This contest is NOT affiliate with Instagram, Facebook, or any other partner. The contest is only run by Apparel Entrepreneurship.

The contest winners will be published on this site.

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