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Apparel Brand Growth Strategies

Monday, June 15th

7am PST (Los Angeles) | 10am EST (New York) | 4pm CET (Stockholm) | 7:30 pm IST (Mumbai)

Discover what is working, what isn’t and what to focus on for your apparel brand growth.


Is your brand making the sales you want?

Do you have a growing customer base?

Are you spending your time doing all the things but haven’t stopped and looked at exactly what you SHOULD be doing? Things that actually move the needle in your business?

Are you struggling to build a solid business, with an organic growth? 


The intention of this training is pretty simple: To help you create more, with less. To show you what works, so you can implement the “low-hanging-fruit” that can grow your customer base and increase your revenue.


As an apparel entrepreneur, you want to work smart, effectively, and efficiently. You want to be one step ahead instead of constantly putting out fires and feeling overwhelmed.


Here’s the thing: We have worked with hundreds and hundreds of apparel brands from all over the world and coach and mentor so many entrepreneurs. We know what works and what doesn’t. 


You want to have a thriving business, with loyal recurring customers. That’s why we have put together this training. To give you tactics that WORK. To give you clarity on what actions to take right away and get results. 


We have seen way too many struggling, tired, overwhelmed business founders. We want more for you. 


When you envisioned your brand you saw creative freedom, freedom to run business your way. You saw a free lifestyle with flexibility and full control.   


The amount of resources that are available inside the Apparel Entrepreneurship Membership Program are unbelievable. It’s really helped me think thoroughly about my brand, products and strategy and how my products can stand out from the crowd. 


When I was trying to Google resources and workshops there wasn’t really anything. The vast amount of downloads, database access, tools and community help is second to none. It’s just so in depth! If you are really passionate about building your brand, you need to sign up! Just thank you guys so much for creating this site!


-Carly Hibbins, UK


So, is the Growth Strategies That Work Training for you?


It’s for you if… 


You want to launch your own brand and want to know from the start how to build a profitable apparel business.


You are in the startup phase, you’ve launched, now what? You have no idea what to focus on to grow your brand from where you are right now.


You are running an apparel business, but you are overwhelmed, stressed, running on all cylinders and need to know what the heck to do to get out of that. You want to know what works so you can apply it asap.


This training is for you who’s been running your brand for several years but find your business in a halt, and don’t know what to do about it.


Imagine if you could learn even ONE important thing in this training, it might be the exact thing you need to make the cogs rolling in your apparel business.

Our promise to you is this:

Learn what your brand can do to increase sales, optimize your business strategy, product offering & development, marketing, sales distribution, and how to get lasting customer relationships. 


We will share actionable steps for controlled, planned growth in small to medium-sized brands.

Curious? Here’s what’s inside the training:

This training is about how to SCALE your brand. You will learn how to optimize your operations in these 6 areas:


1. Foundation

2. Visual language

3. Unique product proposition

4. Community

5. Digital

6. Business operations


Let’s be REALLY honest guys. Do you want to keep spinning your wheels and not get anywhere?


If you’re ready to finally learn the most important tactics so you can go and build a profitable apparel business, get registered by clicking the link below and we’ll see you soon!


The Apparel Entrepreneurship program gives very good tools, information and advices on many different topics that are extremely useful when running a brand.

The support and framework you get is truly valuable. The support, availability and openness Ana & Klas show fills you with energy and encouragement. 


-Nolwenn Christensson, Sweden / France


Hosted by

Ana & Klas Kristiansson

Founders of Apparel Entrepreneurship

We educate and empower apparel entrepreneurs, around the world to start, run, and grow profitable, meaningful, and successful clothing brands.
We are the founders of the online educational platform Apparel Entrepreneurship.
We host the Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast.
We are authors of the book Apparel Entrepreneurship – How To Successfully Start & Run A Clothing Brand.
We are apparel strategy consultants.We are the founders of the, the platform connecting brands and freelance designers worldwide.
We are running a technical apparel design agency since 12 years

Ana’s Background

  • BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design in New York & Paris.
  • 20 years experience from the apparel industry.
  • Designed and product developed award winning products for international outdoor brands.
  • Launched and run 2 own brands.

Klas’s Background

  • MSc in Digital Communication from the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm & ENST Paris.
  • 20 years experience from working with sales, marketing, e-commerce, project management, and business development.
  • Launched and run 2 own brands.

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