How To Design Using Croquis Templates

Croquis templates

How To Design Using Croquis Templates

Croquis Templates

A croquis template is often an outline illustration of a human body. It is used to help designers in the design/illustration stage. Either by hand or in a computer program, the croquis is placed as a base, and the design is illustrated “on top”.


A croquis template can be used both in the early design idea stage for quick hand sketches and when constructing a tech pack. The template helps to keep proportions, envisioning silhouette, design lines placement and to give a sense of volume for your product. The template can also be used when communicating the volume, shape and fit to the pattern maker that will work on your designs.

Our male and female croquis templates have “normal” body proportions, standing pose and have a fit body structure. The templates can be used for sportswear, functional apparel, and other types of clothing. You can find them as a downloadable in the Apparel Entrepreneurship Membership Program. We have also added 9 heads fashion croquis templates to our tech pack bundles.


Watch the video below, where Ana is showing you how to design using croquis templates.

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