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Offline marketing tips

This is the third part of Marketing Tactics That Will Make Your Brand a Success in 2019. Read the first part here, and the second part here.

Offline marketing refers to activities that are not directly dependent on computers and mobile devices. Here you find the more traditional tactics. However, these can still be very effective and help you succeed with your brand.

  • Start a physical magazine. A great opportunity to expand into something beyond online, something that people can keep and read over and over and over again.


  • Host live events. With the increase in the digital world, brands can tap into something that can never be attained online: human connections through amazing physical experiences. An offline event can be made with a tight budget as long as you are creative. It can be a music festival, a product discussion evening, it can be about inspiring talks/lectures, it can be a meet up at a partnering, local coffee or restaurant. The only thing that matters are the connections made at those events, between you, your apparel brand, and your customers.


  • Pop-ups and temporary showrooms. Invite customers in to try on, feel and immerse themselves into your entire world in “your” space. Style the place according to your brand values to become your world and aim to give your customers an amazing experience.
Clothing Pop-Up Store

A pop-up store in San Sebastian, Spain.



  • Outstanding unique packaging. Give your customers an experience every time they receive goods from you or are in contact with your products. It should be a wow feeling, a feeling of surprise, and a genuine positive experience. Preferably, customers should want to keep your packaging for other things than your apparel, like place your boxes on a shelf, or use the stickers you send in your boxes to glue them on their phones. A fantastic way to spread the word. In the age of unboxing, Youtube, Instagram, and other social media platforms, you want your packaging to speak your brand as loudly and clearly as possible. Something to also think about when designing your packaging is: 
    • to use environmentally friendly, recycled and recyclable materials. 
    • Test new ways of opening – portrait instead of landscape. 
    • Write stories, add drawings and make the inside of the box fun and photo/video friendly. 


  • Giveaways and freebies. Every time a box is sent out to one of your customers, you have a chance to place a freebie, a reduction code or some sort of sample inside the box. This can lead your customers to other products in your range. However, it’s an opportunity, the space is there, the freight is paid for, take advantage of it and give more value and give your brand a chance to up-sell as well.


  • Go back to snail mail. People today are used to emails and phones, so when something well designed, well written with an interesting concept gets in your mail, you take notice. Except for bills and maybe the newspaper, we rarely get this type of marketing in our mailboxes. At least it’s different and goes the opposite direction of what everybody else is doing. Could be worth a try. 


  • Guerrilla marketing. Here there are no rules, hey you might even have to break some rules to make your guerrilla marketing effective. The creativity you use will be your only limitation. The point is to get your apparel brand name noticed, to get talked and written about, and to get associated with something you stand for. 


  • Win awards. There are some very prestigious design awards and business awards in the apparel industry. Each apparel segment, like outdoor, fashion or sportswear has their own awards. Winning awards give the brand extreme credit, brand exposure and tons of marketing. It does take time to apply, and some awards charge an application fee, but a win could be invaluable for exposure. 


Marketing is a never ending story, it’s something you and your team work on, bit by bit, every day, all year. The main purpose is to connect with your audience in a human way, through great storytelling, good design, and an emotional feeling. 

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