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The Apparel Entrepreneurship Member Zone
is Your Essential Resource
for The Training, Advice, and Support you need
to Plan, Create & Grow
a Profitable & Successful Apparel Brand.

Being part of the Member Zone enables you to:

Build a business you love, that generates income and gives you the lifestyle you want

Make your apparel brand get noticed and find customers.

Avoid costly mistakes. Can you afford to do it all wrong?

Get to market quicker and grow your business faster.

Tap into extensive knowledge from the apparel industry & learn things they don’t teach you at fashion school.

Only straight up actionable content.

And much more…

We’ll guide you through this and more:

Apparel design & product development. Branding. Entrepreneurship. Sourcing. Merchandising. Product sustainability implementation. Concept and sales presentation.

Find Manufacturer

Find Manufacturers

You can search and find manufacturers in our Database with 500+ companies worldwide.

Source Fabric

Source Fabric

You can search and find fabric suppliers in our Database with 300+ companies worldwide.



Download business & product development Templates, Cheat Sheets, and Checklists.

Live Q&A

Live Q&A

Participate in Live Questions & Answers video calls.

Project Structure

Project Structure

You can follow the Step By Step Guide. We give you structure and take you through the process of starting & running an apparel brand.

Time Schedule

Time Schedule

We show you a Time Schedule for how you can start your apparel brand in 30 weeks.

Guides & Articles

Guides & Articles

Guides, articles, videos, & how-tos about apparel entrepreneurship. From idea, to launch, & beyond.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Community


You can read, communicate and find answers in the supported Community Forum. Connect with us and peers around the globe who are in a similar place as you.

Product Calculator

Product Calculator

This calculator helps you to estimate your Wholesale PriceRetail Price, and your wanted Margin. It also helps you to estimate How Much It Will Cost to produce your wanted quantity, and What Your Profit Will Be depending on if you sell wholesale or direct to consumer.

Collection Calculator

Collection Calculator

This calculator helps you to estimate your Sample CostsProduction Cost, your wanted Margin, and FOB. It also helps you to estimate Potential Income, and Potential Profit depending on your target prices, production quantity, and margin.

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Apparel Entrepreneurship Templates & Downloads

Line Sheet Template

Label & Hangtag Template

Product Price Matrix

Male Croquis Template

Female Croquis Template

Men’s Tee Tech Pack Template

Women’s Tee Tech Pack Template

Men’s Hoodie Tech Pack Template

Women’s Hoodie Tech Pack Template

Men’s Softshell Tech Pack Template

Women’s Tights Tech Pack Template

Order Form

Costing Sheet

How To Brief A Designer

 Apparel Glossary

Expenses / Budget / Cashflow Template

Business Plan Template

Business Start-Up Checklist

Manufacturing Checklist

✔ Bootstrapping List

Style Number Guide

Check Points For Commenting A Garment & Tools Needed

Customer Profile Template

Online Store Checklist

Terms Of Agreement

Bill Of Materials

Product Range Plan

 Project Design Brief

 Product Design Brief


What you have created with your business and website is long overdue in this industry.
Your experience and the content you create out of it is of very high value, not only for new starters but also for those that already deal within a running system, to better understand the full picture.
It provides a nice guidance and source of help for those who do not have the relevant network yet to get proper information from.

– Simone Meier, Germany

” Starting my own brand seemed like a too big of a project for me to embark on. I didn’t know where to start, what questions to ask or where to turn.
Ana and Klas at Apparel Entrepreneurship, helped me with everything!
Their combined knowledge and experience is impressive. They set the tone for what was to come, they gave me guidance of where to start, from branding, marketing, hangtags, to neck and size labels, to patterns, fabric, and manufacturer hunting.
They walked with me every step of the way and having them as a guide made the journey feel safer and they do push things forward. You’re never standing still and if I ever had any questions – they’re super quick to answer.
The best part was that they are so passionate and invested in the work that they do. They genuinely care and they want you to succeed. 

– Emine Güler, UK

” I am a french entrepreneur. I knew nothing about the apparel business, when I bumped onto Apparel Entrepreneuship.
Whaouh !
This is the perfect balance between knowledge, user-friendly tools, and community. I found it very useful to learn about the business and interact with pros.
Hope they will keep growing to help the next apparel entrepreneurs. 

– Thomas Blard, France

 Super cool offer, very structured design, good general overview! I´m checking out the page regularly because it has become my bible :-)))) 

– Doina Husiatynski, Austria

” I started my company with basically zero knowledge about the apparel industry. With no network, no experience not even basic industry knowledge. The complexity of it is frightening ….so frightening, that at one point I was on the verge of giving up.
And this is when I came across the Apparel Entrepreneurship community. It was like getting a structured handbook – it’s extremely useful! Access to many years of industry expert knowledge, giving me a strong basis and opening my eyes to directions, trends and necessities I haven’t even though of before……and whenever I’m stuck or in doubt, I can always count on the community to help me out.
I can’t express how grateful I am to Ana and Klas for starting this! Thank you! 

– Edit Nagy, Hungary

” Apparel Entrepreneurship’s focused pool of information, contacts, and templates is a service that I couldn’t get anywhere else.
I am coming from another industry and for me, AE is both a crash course and a support system to make my development process both faster and more accurate.
I’m also looking forward to seeing how the community grows and I expect that to be another source of valuable information and support as I’m preparing to launch and then grow my brand.

– Joonas Luotonen, Finland

Get Instant Access | Access 24/7 | Stay as long as you want

You choose if you want to join the membership one month at a time, or for discounted periods of 6 & 12 months.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the membership is right for me?

If you’re a brand-building entrepreneur that want to take your business to the next level, being a member of Apparel Entrepreneurship will help you.

It’s been proven time and time again that if you learn from the best and surround yourself with like-minded people, your success will soar. This membership is a place that is focused on making sure that nobody gets left behind in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

We’re a community that wants everyone to succeed.

How much time does it take?

You’ll get out of the membership exactly what you put into it!

Some of our members are inside the community daily. Some log-in a couple of times each week to catch up, brainstorm and consume a little content.

The fact is, it’s different for everyone. However, with that being said we recommend logging in as regularly as you can consume new and existing content , connect with other members, and revel in the support, opportunities, and accountability.

If I want to cancel, can I get a refund?

The Apparel Entrepreneurship membership is billed on a monthly, 6 months, or annual basis. Because of this we operate on a no-refund policy.

If at some point you feel that the community is no longer a fit, just let us know and we’ll cancel your membership. You’ll have access right up to the end of your membership period, and you’ll not be charged again.

However, if you join the community and genuinely take action, you’ll never want to leave, let alone a refund!

Does becoming a member guarantee results?

The action YOU take in your business will have a direct effect on how it grows and profits.

Although we can’t guarantee results, one thing we can guarantee is that we will do everything we can to provide a community that gives you the know-how, support and accountability you need to succeed in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Whether you do so, or not is entirely up to you and the action you take to secure your future as a business owner.

Who should join the member zone?

If you want to efficiently learn how to run an apparel business, make your brand get noticed, avoid costly mistakes, tap into industry experience, and align your business with your highest values, this membership is for you.

Our ideal members fall into one of these 3 categories:

Action-Driven, Ambitious Beginners
Whether you want to start a new apparel brand, or you have an existing business and want to expand into apparel, the membership will help you get started the right way.
Is your dream to have your own apparel brand, own a brick and mortar shop, or be totally virtual?
Whether you’re a designer, entrepreneur, shop owner, or all new to the apparel industry, the membership will make sure you get started and up and running the right way.

Action-Oriented Apparel Industry Novice
Already working in the apparel industry and want to launch your own brand?
You might have worked in some areas of the business and have knowledge gaps in certain areas.
In the membership, you will learn the full process, get extensive content that will make you take full ownership and grip of all business areas involved in a brand.

Established Apparel Brand Owners
Already running a (mostly) successful business?
Ready to take things to the next level?
If you have an existing apparel brand and want to expand your collection, deepen your knowledge, improve areas of your business where there are competence gaps, and grow your business, the membership is for you.

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