New Course: How To Successfully Launch A Clothing Line

How To Successfully Launch A Clothing Line

New Course: How To Successfully Launch A Clothing Line

The Course How To Successfully Launch A Clothing Line will guide you through our proven 6-step success blueprint on how to go from just an idea, to having your own profitable apparel brand.


At the end of this course you will know how to turn your dream into reality, and you will have the building blocks to run a sustainable business that can support yourself and your family.


This will also be a solid foundation if you choose to take your brand idea into something much bigger.

This Is What You'll Learn

Build Your Foundation

You will learn how to build a solid foundation so you can run your brand efficiently, effectively, and without stress. In this stage, you will focus on entrepreneurship, how to best operate and run your business, how to determine your values and your brands why. You will also learn what you need and what you don’t need to succeed with your business.

Manage Your Business

You will learn about financing options and how to best manage your finances. You will also learn about how to nail your brand story, and how to best strategize your business. In this stage, you will also focus on creating a solid business plan, including how to understand market opportunities and finding your unique point of view.

Build Your Brand

In this stage, you will learn how to build a strong brand. Your focus will be on creating a unique brand identity, on making your branding package, on figuring out your target customer and your particular market niche. This is also the step where you will learn how to strategize your marketing.

Design Your Collection

Here you will learn about designing your styles and collection, even if you don’t know how to draw. In this stage, you will focus on how to define and plan your collection and how to create a selling collection structure. You will also learn all about tech packs, bill of materials, measurement lists, how to source materials, and how to set and control product prices.

Make Your Garments

In this stage, you will learn how to make/produce your garments. You will focus on creating samples, how to find the right manufacturing partners, how to get patterns done, and how to control and plan your bulk production.

Sell Your Products

This is a very important step. Here, you will learn how to successfully sell your garments and collection. You will learn about different sales strategies and how to determine the one that suits your brand best. You will know how to create an optimal sales kit, how to work with orders, and how to master customer service. You will also learn about opportunities by working with retailers, agents, and distributors.

This course is right for you if you have an apparel brand idea or concept and want to make that into a reality. You do not need to have prior industry experience. You will learn step by step how to create a unique design, product develop it, and get it into customers’ hands.

How is the course different from the Apparel Entrepreneurship Membership Program?

The course is structured from a pure startup point of view. From A (idea) to Z (launch). You will learn the fundamentals in our proven 6-step success path framework.


The Membership Program focuses more on running and growing a brand, the operational aspects, and how to run and scale a successful and profitable brand. The strength of the membership lies in the many available tools, templates, and databases plus the weekly guidance and support from us as mentors and a community of other apparel entrepreneurs. The membership is a perfect CONTINUATION of the course.


Through the course, you will have the fundamentals, but a growing apparel brand requires continuous education, work, tweaking, and evolving.  



Discover how to prepare, get confident, and learn what it takes to launch a profitable clothing brand.