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Garment Manufacturers

One of the biggest challenges as an apparel entrepreneur is to find a suitable manufacturer, that meets all your requirements, shares your values, and that can and wants to work with you. Finding a manufacturer and building a great relationship takes work and time, but it’s just part of the process.

The Member Zone has a database with over 500 apparel manufacturers worldwide that you can search and contact. 100 new factories were added to the list this week. We have received many questions about US manufacturers, and there are now around 70 factories located in the USA that you can find.


Find a factory in 4 simple steps

  1. Determine your needs and requirements. Read the article ‘Finding A Factory’.
  2. Search the manufacturer database in the Member Zone. Create your own shortlist based on location, MOQ, and capabilities. Use the links and read more about their services.
  3. Prepare to contact them. Read the article ’12 Questions To Ask A Clothing Manufacturer’, and determine the questions that you want to be answered.
  4. Contact the factories. The database contains phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and web addresses.
Apparel Entrepreneurship Manufacturer Database

The Manufacturer Database in the Member Zone.