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On each episode of The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast, Ana Kristiansson – apparel industry expert, author, and speaker will discuss hands-on tactics touching on all areas involved in running and growing a meaningful, successful apparel brand. Learn practical strategies about sustainability, design, product range planning, marketing, sales, community growth, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship. You’ll also hear inspiring interviews with apparel industry experts and entrepreneurs about their tips and journeys in this fast-paced industry. This podcast is a must-listen for everybody that is running an apparel brand or is working in the clothing industry.

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The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP057 – Success Tips For Emerging Designers With Brian Hill

Today we are extremely excited to share an in-depth conversation with our friend Brian Hill – the executive Director of Phoenix Fashion Week. Brian is also the host of the Fashion Rewired Podcast that Ana was a guest on a while ago and in today’s podcast episode we chat about so many great, inspiring things.

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