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We Accept Bitcoin

We accept Bitcoin because we embrace forward-thinking approaches. You don’t want to be stuck in old habits, just because ”we’ve always done it this way”. Focus instead on how things can be improved moving forward. We like the power of new technology and the questioning of authority. We also like people and businesses that challenge the importance of middlemen, and strive for self-sufficiency. This is 2017, and we are enthusiastically looking forward to new ways of doing business in the years to come.

We still accept conventional payment methods for our services at Sportswear Inc. However, we fully understand and accept the value of Bitcoin, and if that’s what you want to use, then it is ok with us.


What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, based on blockchain technology. Bitcoins aren’t printed as other currencies, so you can’t put them in your physical wallet. They are electronically held and traded digitally. So are conventional currencies, but the big difference is that Bitcoin is decentralized. No single institution controls the bitcoin network, meaning that a large bank can’t control their money. No one central authority can tinker with the monetary policy or simply take them away from you (it has happened in a European country just a few years ago). Some other advantages are that transaction fees are minuscule, it’s transparent, and it is fast.

So will Bitcoin revolutionize the entire financial world, including real estate, stock market, insurance, retail and even democratic voting? Let’s wait and see.