Textile Abbreviations


We recently had a post on sourcing materials. After sourcing your materials, you will receive the ordered headers and swatches. On the hanger with the swatch you will have detailed information about the material. One of the informations is the fibre and composition. Usually it only states the abbreviations, and if you don’t know your textile abbreviations you’ll have a hard time understanding what you’ve just received. Here is a list of the most common textile abbreviations.


CA Acetate

CO Cotton

CTA Triacetate

CU Cupro

CV Viscose

EA Elastane

EL Elastodiene

HF Hemp

HR Cattle hair

HS Horse hair

HZ Goat hair

JU Jute

LI Linen

PA Polyamid

PAN Polyacrylic

PE Polyethylene

PES Polyester

PP Polypropylen

RA Ramie

SE Silk

WA Angora

WG Vicugna

WK Camel

WM Mohair

WO Wool

WP Alpaca

WS Cashmere

WV Virgin Wool