Product Range Plan

A product range plan is a detailed written overview of your entire collection. It helps you keep track of product parameters such as style numbers and names, number of styles, colors, variations, and features. It also includes financial information and sales forecasting.

You can start planning your collection in this document before you even design your styles. It’s a solid way of structuring the collection and keeping track of styles. Fill it out further in the product development process, to ensure you have the right amount of colors, SKUs, and that you ultimately meet your target prices and margins.

The product range plan should be used before going into production, and during as well as after the production phase. All the latest information regarding your product range and its costs will fit in this living document. Keep track of new styles, updated styles, carry-over styles, styles to be canceled and new/carry-over colors.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Product Range Plan
The Product Range Plan Template can be found in the Member Zone

The PRP includes information about:

  • Garment styles, numbers, and names
  • Garment categories
  • Sizes
  • Colors
  • Delivery Times
  • Features & variations
  • Price calculations
  • Forecasting


A living document

The product range plan is a working living document used in most areas of your apparel business, from design to production and marketing. Make sure you agree how you should handle the document when it comes to updated versions. We recommend that you start a new one for each season or year.

You can find a product range plan template in the Member Zone. The product range plan is primarily for you and your team, so make sure it includes what you think is important. Add or subtract information you find important and make it your brand’s game plan.