AEP034 – Planning A Productive 2020

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP034 – Planning A Productive 2020

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In this episode of the Apparel Entrepreneurship podcast, we talk about planning a productive 2020. You’ll get tangible advice and tips on how to plan your work and manage your time. First, we talk about how to plan your year on a high level. We will continue to discuss how you can plan your week and give you two different ways of doing this in a structured manner. Lastly, we talk about daily planning, what to think about, and actionable tips.

2020 is coming up quickly, Listen to this podcast, take a few hours, and plan for your best business year so far.

Divided into 3 levels

  1. First we can talk about the year
  2. Then weekly planning
  3. and then daily planning

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