Apparel Entrepreneurship Define Customer

How To Define Your Customer

By identifying your target customer for your apparel brand, it will be easier to design, strategize your segments and develop an effective marketing plan. 

Apparel Entrepreneurship Product Range Plan

Use A Product Range Plan For Your Apparel Brand

A product range plan is a detailed written overview of your entire collection. It helps you keep track of product parameters such as style numbers and names, number of styles, colors, variations, and features. It also includes financial information and sales forecasting.

Sustainability Certification Guide (2022)

The Apparel Entrepreneurship guide to textile certifications and standards for sustainability. There are many certifications and standards out there helping us consider the environment and ethical work environments. Read up on the certifications organizations in this guide and determine which are important to you and your brand.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality control means ensuring, at a minimum cost, that the quality requirements of a product is being achieved at every stage of manufacturing, from raw materials to boxed stock.

Tech Pack

What Is A Tech Pack & Why Do You Need It?

A builder would never build a house without a blueprint, this is exactly the same thing for a garment. The manufacturers need to know what you have in mind, what the garment looks like front and back incl details, what materials you have in mind, what trims you want on your garment and what type of fit it should have.

Fashion Tech Packs

Fashion Tech Pack Templates

Get Fashion Tech Pack Templates, Design Vector Flats, Croquis Templates, Bill Of Materials Templates, & Measurement List Templates.

Fashion Trade Shows 101

Fashion Trade Shows 101

It’s trade show time. It’s actually always trade show time somewhere around the world, depending on your niche and product. Unless there is an ongoing pandemic of course. Many of you brand owners ask us: Should I exhibit with my brand? Are trade shows a good idea? Are trade shows still effective? W hat do I need to think about?   In this post

14 Actions To Take To Get Big Results In Your Apparel Business

14 Actions For Big Results In Your Apparel Business

You want to have a thriving business, with loyal recurring customers. That’s why we have put together this easy to understand guide. To give you tactics that WORK! To give you clarity on what actions to take right away, and get RESULTS.

How to create a fashion mood board

How To Create A Fashion Mood Board

A fashion mood board is a fantastic way to set the visual direction for a clothing brand project. In this post, you will get actionable mood board tips so you can go and create yours asap.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Where to bootstrap?

Tips For Bootstrapping Your Startup

Starting a new apparel brand can be challenging. It is even more challenging to do it with limited funds. However this is a reality many of you are facing, but you don’t want it to stop your plans. So how are your money best spent? What should you pay for and where can you save your money? Read our guide

9 mistakes fashion startups make and how to avoid them

9 Mistakes Fashion Startups Make & How To Avoid Them

Many entrepreneurs have launched successful apparel brands. Why not learn from their success, so you can launch faster and avoid expensive mistakes. Birthing a clothing line will take some time and effort, and if you really want it to fly, it will take some serious strategizing and planning before launching. So skip the headaches and the stress and read about

Apparel Dropshipping

How To Increase Your Apparel Business By Using Dropshipping

If you are an existing clothing brand that wants to expand, whether it is for creating a lifestyle brand, get into new segments, add personalization, or just having more styles to sell and generate more income, you should seriously consider dropshipping as a viable option to do this.

Mindset for successful apparel entrepreneurs

Mindset For Successful Apparel Entrepreneurs

We are covering 5 simple actions for how you can shift into a growth mindset. This shift and these actions you take based on your new growth mindset can result in a massively successful apparel business and life.

Finding Your Fashion Niche Market in 7 Easy Steps

Finding Your Fashion Brand Niche – In 7 Easy Steps (2021)

The fashion industry is a 3 trillion dollar industry. This means huge opportunities for both existing brands and newcomers. To get off the ground properly, startups need to place themselves in a fairly small niche, where their target customers are, and where there is a healthy amount of competition. By doing this, startups increase their chances of growth.

Fashion Design Plagiarism

Protecting Your Designs From Plagiarism In The Fashion Industry

Many designers are afraid of this happening to them or they have already had some bad experiences with issues regarding this problem. We are talking about plagiarism and copying. How to protect yourself and deal with someone or another brand knocking off your products or design.

23 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting An Apparel Brand

23 Questions – Get Ready To Launch Your Brand

You will be your own boss, no one will be there to make sure you put in the work and stick to your deadlines. You will live your brand, working 24/7. Focus on your dream, your vision and mission of the brand don’t let anyone or anything get in your way. Here are some questions that can help you see

How to start a profitable clothing brand

How To Start A Profitable Clothing Brand (2021)

Are you thinking about starting a clothing brand? Are you already running an apparel brand, but want to revisit the steps involved? Are you already running a business in a different field, and want to expand into clothing? Clothing is a 3 trillion dollars industry, and over one trillion garments are sold worldwide every year. It is a huge market and

Deadstock Fabrics

Deadstock Fabrics 101

What is deadstock, how sustainable is it and what are the pros and cons? We are laying it out in this article, so you can make informed decisions moving forward with your business.

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP061 – Prepare Yourself To Start A Fashion Business With These Questions

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast 61  In this episode of the Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast, we cover a specific set of questions to better prepare yourself and your family & friends for what it will take to get your brand going. Working through these questions before you start your brand will make you better prepared to run your business in a successful

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP060 – Avoiding Common Mistakes & Facing The Reality

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast 60 In this episode of the Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast, we talk about what the reality of the apparel industry looks like today, and common mistakes you definitely want to avoid. Put on your headset and enjoy episode 60.   Show notes Sign up for the waitlist to the: 6-Week Sustainable Clothing Brand Launch Accelerator

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP059 – Things You Need To Know Before Launching Your Fashion Brand

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast 59  The fashion industry has grown by 21% over the past 3 years. It's a 3 trillion dollar industry. So there are huge opportunities for brands to succeed. Unfortunately, most startups fail and the most common reason is cash-flow problems. In this episode, we want to help you improve your chances of succeeding by preparing you

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP058 – 5 Tips For Selling More During The Holiday Season

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast is finally back. In today’s podcast episode, we are talking about how you can sell more during the upcoming holiday season. We give you 5 actionable tips for making the best of the period from Halloween to New Year.

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP057 – Success Tips For Emerging Designers With Brian Hill

Today we are extremely excited to share an in-depth conversation with our friend Brian Hill - the executive Director of Phoenix Fashion Week. Brian is also the host of the Fashion Rewired Podcast that Ana was a guest on a while ago and in today's podcast episode we chat about so many great, inspiring things.

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP056 – How To Build A Brand That Is More Than A Brand

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast 56 In this incredibly inspiring episode of the Apparel Entrepreneurship podcast, Sophia Demirtas shares her story of starting and running the beautiful luxury and sustainable womenswear brand Fanm Mon.  Fanm Mon is a luxury womenswear brand that launched in 2013. The label takes a bold approach to embroidery, offering feminine styles and vibrant color combinations. Sophia takes

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP055 – Design Innovation, Brand Building & Awards

Today we have the incredible honor of interviewing a design and brand building rockstar! Reinhard Pascher has 30 years of experience in product innovation and brand building. He is the co-founder of the brand agency Pascher + Heinz in Munich Germany. He works for both clients and agencies at an executive level and he has developed concepts and strategies for upcoming

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP054 – Apparel Industry Insights & The Future Of Sustainability

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast 54 In today’s podcast episode, we have the honor of talking to an apparel industry friend, Charles Ross. Charles is a specialist in performance sportswear design, and an expert in sustainable matters and a lecturer at the Royal College of Art in the UK. Ever since we started the podcast we have wanted to have Charles on

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP053 – Sell More Products By Nailing Your Unique Value Proposition

In today’s podcast episode, we are talking about how you can sell more products by nailing your unique value proposition, and by figuring out your niche. What is a niche and why is it so important? We are also discussing what's not a niche, but instead a market segment, product area, product category, or trend?

Grow Your Fashion Brand With A Blog

Grow Your Fashion Brand With A Blog

By consistently creating content on your blog, your customers will get accustomed to visiting your website weekly. This will increase your brand awareness and your sales. 

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP052 – Dealing With Uncertain Times – Your Questions Answered

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast 52 In today’s podcast episode, we are answering questions from our community regarding how to run your brand in the current situation. We see new behaviors, people stay inside, they don't meet in workspaces, kids are at home, people are losing their jobs, online demand increases, and so on.   In this episode, we have gathered all

Apparel Entrepreneurship The Environmental Impact of Fashion

The Environmental Impact Of Fashion

The apparel industry has a significant impact on the environment. Fashion is a 3 trillion dollar industry, and it is continuously growing. Unfortunately so is the environmental impact. We should all ask us the questions: what do we want to do & what can we do about the harm caused by our industry.

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP048 – Design Your Collection

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast AEP048 This is the fourth part of a 6-part series covering the Apparel Entrepreneurship Success Path. This 6-step process covers all parts of starting, running, and growing a profitable apparel brand. The 6 steps are: Build Your Foundation Manage Your Business Build Your Brand Design Your Collection Make Your Garments Sell Your Products In this fourth

Clothing Brand Ecommerce Site

Create An Ecommerce Site For Your Clothing Brand

In this article about how to create an ecommerce site for your clothing brand, you will learn how to create a cost-efficient e-com store for your business. There is no need to pay large sums for the design and development of your site. Set up your e-commerce in no time with an existing, well established open-source systems.

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP043 – Get Started With SEO To Boost Your Online Sales

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast AEP043 4 actionable tips for how to get started and also improve your SEO. Did you know that some clothing brands that we work with are getting thousands of visitors to their website every month without paying a cent on advertising? This goes for us at Apparel Entrepreneurship as well. Actually we created our website

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP042 – Protecting Your Fashion Designs From Plagiarism

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast AEP042  Many designers are afraid of this exact thing or they have some bad experiences with issues regarding this problem. In this episode, we are talking about plagiarism and copying.    How to protect yourself and deal with plagiarism.    Brands ripping off other designers'  work is not a secret. In recent years it has been easier to out

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP041 – 5 Steps To Develop A Growth Mindset

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast AEP041 In this episode of the AE Podcast, we share with you 5 steps to develop your mindset. Mindset - what is that? It's a set of beliefs, assumptions, and notions that you have about your world. But your beliefs are shaped when you were little. The society and your parents and the culture you were brought

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP040 – Do This & The Sales Will Follow

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast AEP040 In this fairly short episode, we talk about one simple, but yet very important differentiator, that can make or break your sales. It all has to do with this common advice that we get, that you should do what you love. Put on your headphones and listen to this easy shift that many brands overlook. Show