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AEP056 – How To Build A Brand That Is More Than A Brand

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In this incredibly inspiring episode of the Apparel Entrepreneurship podcast, Sophia Demirtas shares her story of starting and running the beautiful luxury and sustainable womenswear brand Fanm Mon. 

Sophia Demirtas

Fanm Mon is a luxury womenswear brand that launched in 2013. The label takes a bold approach to embroidery, offering feminine styles and vibrant color combinations.

Sophia takes us all the way back to the start of her brand, the biggest struggles they’ve had so far, and how important respect, love, and kindness is to keep a strong and motivated team. 

She also talks about the importance of staying true to your vision and your beliefs and how transparency and honesty can grow a more connected and loyal customer fan base. 

Sophia shares so much wisdom in this episode, and the biggest takeaway for us is that yes, listening to and following your intuition is more powerful than experts advice. Nobody knows you, your brand, and your brand mission as you do. 

Enjoy this episode!

Show notes

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