AEP058 – 5 Tips For Selling More During The Holiday Season

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP058 – 5 Tips For Selling More During The Holiday Season

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The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast is finally back. In today’s podcast episode, we are talking about how you can sell more products during the upcoming holiday season. We give you 5 actionable tips for making the best of the period from Halloween to New Year.

2019 was the first holiday season to surpass the trillion-dollar mark in the US. Certain fashion, packaged goods, and luxury items businesses do up to 80%-90% of their revenue during the holiday. These numbers make you want to pay some extra attention to this period of the year, and see how you can maximize your revenue.

Put on your headphones or turn up that car stereo, and enjoy AEP058!

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