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We have been entrepreneurs for around 10 years now. On and off we have taken on traditional employments, but every time we have been drawn back to the freedom of entrepreneurship. Once you get the taste of it, it is really tough to do anything else. So what’s so appealing about running your own business. First of all, we can see that it is not for everyone. Ask yourself the 23 questions in this article to see if you are cut out for it or not. For us, these are the main reasons you would like to be your own boss.

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Work with what you love

You are an entrepreneur because you have a great idea and a burning interest. You get to spend the days working with exactly what you love. You work because you think it is rewarding, stimulating, fun, and exciting. Money is not the main reason. You don’t go to a boring job just because you want that paycheck by the end of the month. Some people do. If you do, ask yourself how much it is worth to kill your dreams?


Work life balance

You set your own schedule, meaning you get a better balance between work and other activities. Do you want to exercise in the morning or at lunch? Want to pick up the kids early from school? No problem, you don’t have to ask anyone else about what you need to do. And because what you do is so much fun, it is not difficult to work evening hours instead of making up for lost time. With today’s technology it is easier than ever to work from wherever you are. Your everyday life and work will intertwine and one thing doesn’t need to stop the other.


Pick your work buddies

Ever worked with an annoying colleague or customer? Don’t like your boss? Well, being your own boss means you get to pick the ones you work with. Evidently you can chose your employees and outsourced workforce. But you can also decide if you want to work with specific partners and clients. If you don’t click with another person or don’t agree with their way of doing things, then don’t work with them. Save yourself energy and surround yourself with people you like.


You get the rewards

Ever worked hard on projects, just for someone else to reap the fruits? If you want an extraordinary life it is hard to achieve on a mediocre salary. Running your own successful business, means that all that hard work will pay off to you and not to someone else.


No corporate games

You don’t need to partake in corporate games and the politics of large enterprises. Nothing you do is for show. You don’t have to show up a certain hour just because that is what you are supposed to do. No, everything you do is for your own business’ sake. You know what needs to be done. Don’t see any meaning with that report? Then don’t do it. If you prefer working in your underwear from your couch, then go ahead and do it and don’t mind what anyone else thinks.


Run it the way you want to

You get to set your work culture, processes and they way things are done. You do things in a certain way because you are convinced that is the best and most efficient way to move forward. No more long and pointless meetings.


Pick the location

You can determine where you want to work from. Do you want to set up a home office or a studio within bike distance, then you should do that. If you want to work remotely in a coffee shop for the day or up in the mountains for a week, you do that. Choose the location that is the most inspiring and efficient for you to do your work from. No more cubicles or boring office buildings. Those will strangle your inspiration and motivation.

Do the above reasons sound appealing to you? Then it is time to take some action. Welcome to the next chapter of your awesome life.



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