Find the right fabrics for your clothing brand

Find The Right Fabrics For Your Clothing Brand

We are talking about how to source fabric for your clothing line as well as preparing you for visiting fashion trade shows. We know this topic is really interesting for many of you since there are loads of trade fairs going on now. This episode will prepare you as much as possible before visiting fairs so you can source amazing material and educate yourself more for future collections.

This episode is, among others, addressing these questions:

How do I work with minimum order quantities? There is a really great inside tip, midway into the podcast episode, of how you get around the supplier’s MOQ.

How can you tell the difference between an average fabric and a higher-quality fabric?

Are there other ways to source fabric?

How do I find out about trade fairs and marketplaces?

This episode helps you to find fabrics for your clothing brand, and also how to maximize your trade show visits.

Links: Fashion trade shows and sourcing fairs 2022



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