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How To Come Up With A Name For Your Clothing Brand | AEP068

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Early on in your clothing business, you need to work on your brand identity. Branding is the process of building a product image based on associations, feelings, lifestyle, and identity that is projected by a label. You need to think about the meaning of your brand to your customers. Encapsulate that meaning in your brand name.  Choosing a great brand name is not easy, we know that. In this episode, we give you clear guidelines for coming up with a name for your clothing brand. The clothing brand name is an important part of your business and what your customers think of your brand. When you choose the right name, your customers immediately identify with your value proposition. If you would choose the wrong name, your customers have no idea what your business stands for or what it does. The importance of your brand name has to do with human psychology. As human beings, we evaluate information quickly and make judgments in a snap. We usually make up our minds in only a few seconds, and then it takes much longer to change that first impression.

There are many aspects to a great brand name, and in this episode, we share some of them.


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