How To Design A Clothing Line | Masterclass 2023

How To Design A Clothing Line | Masterclass 2024

In this video, Ana Kristiansson from Desinder and Apparel Entrepreneurship presents the Masterclass: How To Design A Clothing Line. You’ll learn how to create a cohesive collection that speaks your unique values and language. An apparel brand’s design language is like a person’s personality. It makes your brand UNIQUE! This strengthens your brand and keeps it cohesive for customers to recognize you. It will help you attract new customers who can identify & relate to your brand. It also helps you stay consistent season after season, year after year.

In this Masterclass Ana teaches you:

✅ Why design language matters

✅ What your designs should include

✅ Satisfaction points and what to always consider in your designs

✅ The essential building blocks of design

✅ How to find inspiration

✅ How to create your unique design language

✅ How to integrate sustainability when designing


Ana is an accomplished apparel designer with over 20 years of experience, a BFA from Parsons School of Design, and education from the Academy of Tailoring and Cutting in Stockholm. She founded the design agency, Desinder in 2007, has created award-winning designs, and worked with renowned brands such as Peak Performance, Salomon, Helly Hansen, and Orage. Ana’s commitment to excellence and innovation has earned her a reputation as one of the most influential designers in the sports and outdoor field.


This Course will guide you through our proven 6-step success blueprint, on how to go from just an idea, to learning exactly what it takes to launch your own profitable sustainable apparel brand. 


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