Who Do You Need On Your Team? 17 Roles To Fill

Your Team

There are many roles that need to be filled in your business. As a small clothing brand, you can and probably will take on several of them. But ask yourself which roles you actually can fill and which ones you need to outsource. So what are the typical roles you need to fill? Here they are, your dream team.

  1. Market researcher – researches and follows the market trends and colors. You want to stay up to date on what is going on so that you don’t copy anyone else.
  2. Designer – the heart of the business. Don’t underestimate the need for a designer in your team. After all, it is all about the clothes. Stays up to date with the market, creates mood boards, stories, decides colors, designs the collection, creates tech packs, sources material, leads fitting sessions, approves samples, and visits manufacturers to ensure product development.
  3. Production manager – is the link between your brand and the manufacturer. Coordinates and communicates with all suppliers.
  4. Buyer – in charge of getting the materials for your production. Ensures that the delivery requirements are met.
  5. Pattern maker – creates the garment patterns. A skilled pattern maker can definitely make all the difference for the end result. Especially for the sportswear business you need one who understands the movements of the body and well-fitting clothes. Can also grade the patterns, if not done at the factory.
  6. Quality controller – oversees quality procedures.
  7. Sample maker – creates the samples. The more technical your styles are, the more skilled the sample maker needs to be with the sewing machine. Sample making can also be done at the factory.
  8. Sales manager – makes sure your collection sells. It doesn’t matter if you have the best sportswear collection in the world if it doesn’t sell. No sales = no business.
  9. Marketing manager – makes sure the world knows about your brand and creates a demand for it on the market.
  10. Stylist – creates the brand looks for shows and photo shoots.
  11. Financial controller – keeps track of the money. You want them to grow.
  12. CEO – is in charge of the overall operations.
  13. Tech manager – is in charge of IT services, social media accounts, as well as your online presence.
  14. Bookkeeper – makes sure your bookkeeping is up to par.
  15. Office manager – takes care of everything that falls between chairs.
  16. Copy / graphic – in charge of creating copy and graphics.
  17. Photographer – takes all those unforgettable photos and videos for your workbooks, web, and marketing material.


It is not a bad thing if you are forced to take on several of the roles yourself. You will learn about the different trades and understand your business better. You become less dependent on others and harder to bullshit.  Still need to find help and keep your costs down? Use your network and see what skills they possess.



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