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A Bill Of Materials or BOM,  is a comprehensive list of components required to make your product, as well as instructions required for gathering and using the required materials. You use a BOM for communication between you and manufacturing partners.


The BOM functions as the recipe and shopping list for creating your final product. It explains what, how, and where to buy required materials, and includes instructions for how to assemble the product from the various components ordered.


All manufactured products get started by creating a bill of materials (BOM).


The result from work you have put into business activities such as sourcing will end up in the BOM, so it is important that it is well organized, correct and up-to-date.


When you outsource manufacturing activities, it is especially important to create an accurate and revision-controlled BOM. Any time the BOM is handed off to a contract manufacturer, it should be correct and complete, otherwise you can expect production delays.


Apparel Entrepreneurship Bill Of Materials
Make sure you have a complete BOM for every garment.


Reasons for having a BOM

You get a custom-made shopping list

The BOM mentions every raw material needed, and in what quantity, which makes the procurement of materials a much simpler task. These can also be scaled up and down depending on budgets.


Never run out of materials again

With a clear list of materials, quantities and inventories, you should be able to manage what you need to ensure you never run out of materials again.


Better planning

With a comprehensive list of what is needed to complete a project, planners have all the data they need to map out how long the project will take and how many people need to be involved.


Better costing

With better planning comes more accurate knowledge on how much time a task will take. This allows you to cost up jobs and orders more effectively, making the company more profit overall.


All departments work as one

Simply in the nature of its creation, a Bill of Materials makes sure all departments are working as one. When creating an accurate BoM, you need the input from design, procurement, manufacture and sales to make sure the document is 100 percent accurate.


Don’t start any manufacturing before making a complete Bills Of Materials. You need it together with a solid tech pack for each and every garment.



You can find 3 BOM templates in the Membership Program; One T-shirt & Longsleeve BOM, one Pants BOM, and one Performance Jacket BOM.

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